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When a person, place or thing was once hot, but now is not.
Damn look at sherri, she got mad fat.

Yeah, that bitch fell off.

Fuck yo, this mcdondalds fell off. My qp sucks.
by Dom Dem June 26, 2007
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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when a relationship just downfalls/ends subtly.
1: how’s it been w/ Alicia?

2: nah, we fell off a long time ago
by poliviu February 04, 2018
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; the loss of one's sense for artistic standards, dignity and integrity.
"... he produced ten classic albums, but after that he definitely fell off. ..."
by HipHop Philosophy Radio February 05, 2015
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Was once a hot rap act, but now sucks.
My gawd, Outkast done fell off. 50 fell off after he blew up. Busta fell off after Dangerous. Suge Knight's label fell off after he had Pac killed! (followed by a loud gunshot).
by Boom May 26, 2003
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The final culmination of a downward spiral,a point where nobody wants to be in that persons company.The last of three stages (falling off,thoed off,fell off)when the individual is beyond help from peers, and lacking any self control to take care of business or themself.
Maan,homeboy been slippin since he lost his job.

Yeah, I hurrd he tried to rob a pawn shop with a watergun.

Oh hell naw,Thats why i don't even fucks wit dat cat

Yeah,that dude fell off! foe reel!
by ab town December 20, 2006
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When someone used to be “popular” or relevant and now they have changed drastically and because of that no one talks to or hang out with them anymore
“Where’s Steve been lately? I feel like I haven’t seen him in so long”

“Yeah he fell off after he had his kid. Doesn’t even respond to the No Broads Allowed group chat anymore dog. He’s a goner.”
by absolutegod123 July 02, 2019
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