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Without a doubt THE most boring place to live in the entire world ... take it from someone who lives there, IT SUCKS! People's reasons for moving there are usually "because the schools are better"; but see, is it really worth it to go to a "better school"(which I don't really understand anyway) if your kids have to be bored to death everyday of their lives? People want to look back and remember the fun times they had, not how bored they were living in Feasterville. Anyone who's ever lived in the city will tell you that it's fun as hell, there's always something to do; but the suburbs are about as entertaining as staring at the wall for 6 hours. Whatever you do, NEVER move to Feasterville. If you've got a good, fun life, avoid Feasterville at ALL costs.
Friend #1: "Hey, did you hear that John's moving to Feasterville, Trevose this summer?"

Friend #2: "Yeah dude, that fucking sucks for him, the suburbs are boring as fuck."
by John208 February 13, 2006
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