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This girl is generally amazing. Shes really talented.. inteligent, sporty, arty, she can do pretty much everything. The name faye means fairy, and faye is certainly buffting and has amazing hair (normally blonde), eyes and lips, and she always smells good. She can be quite shy when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she is fun to be with and is really easy to talk to. Fayes are often partly french. She is very loyal to her friends, but knows how to have a good time.. - people tend to be very jealous of fayes, but find it difficult not to like her.
Faye: Hi, I'm faye

Person: *faints*
by oohlalaa73 November 04, 2011
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faye's are usually one of a kind. everything you could ever desire in a girl. they're smart, funny, hard working, loyal, athletic, competitive, artsy and naturally talented at everything. like they could pick up a sport they've never played before and score all the points first time trying. faye's are the best friend you'll ever have. they go above and beyond to make sure any of her friends are happy. they're usually the most loyal too. although they give out more love than anyone could imagine, they still get their hearts broken.. then continue to give out love and kindness to all. faye's are usually tall and skinny with long hair of any color. they're also very hard headed and persistent. they love life and appreciate the small things. i think that's what makes faye's so special
oh my fuck i wish i was faye
by goodnoodle January 31, 2017
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the most beautiful, caring, super duper intelligent, cute, persistent girl you'll ever meet in your whole entire life. She's shy at first but once you get to know her and hang out with her. You'll never EVER want anything but her. She's simply EVERYTHING. :)
Someday when I'm really lucky, I wish I could forever be with Faye.
by KHTP November 16, 2010
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a very cute girl who is super kind and fun to be around she love to have fun and hang out and loves color ful things
by Geeeeeeeeeenalovesfaye May 03, 2009
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shes the girl you shouldn't fancy but secretly do.
her charms will get you licking her in bed.
oooo this girl is a babeee.
i can see her coming out of the tv.
faye runs like a bee and makes me so horneee i need to pee.
by mellllllon head March 14, 2008
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