Ex: My FAWN is trying find another woman to have a threesome with!
by bee zee September 10, 2014
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Front awning. The male equivalent of a gunt. The large overhanging fleshy skin flap covering the private parts.
I'll need a tent pole to prop up fawning so I can get some fresh air in my downstairs privates.
by Logieboris November 27, 2016
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Fake Ass Wankster Native. These are commonly found in the subways and at the transit centers and in the malls all over Canada (and also possibly the USA), especially hobo-infested cities such as Edmonton, Vancouver, or Toronto. The average age is about 14 or 15, and they usually wear Exco or Exhaust clothing (because it is cheap but looks like 'real' urbanwear). They are commonly seen smoking stolen cigarettes and flashing gang signs they don't even know, waving two-inch knives, and hustling the elderly with phrases such as "if ya dont gives me that skrilla im'a hafta buss' a cap in yo' ass, bizzitch!" Often they will wear brightly colored bandannas and extremely large plastic or aluminum jewelry (their 'ice') with glass glued to the front of it to simulate diamonds. As a matter of fact, these bright objects they are so fascinated with help you pick them out on a crowded subway platform and single them out to get pushed infront of the next train consist. They typically walk with a large stride to act 'ghetto' (which they are not, because if they were ever to step infront of a true gangsta and utter that shit, they'd be missing most of their face). When confronted, they will most likely exclaim "i' not fuckin' u up now bitch i hasta go's and get me my backup!" and then quickly and orderly board a bus or hide behind a wall. They love to act like they are from the hood in a big city, but as we know they are usually from a rural Indian Reserve. And, they are a far cry from being 'gangstas'. The background of this phrase is that it started in Edmonton because a phrase was needed to describe the numerous inbred childhood imitations of 50 Cent that crowd around in downtown Edmonton's Original City or Jasper Place Borough. They will often try to chill there and in the subways waaaaay past their bedtime.

Although this phrase contains 'native' this in no way intends to diss upstanding Native Americans or even true Native 'gangstas'. It's the fake bitches this one's for.
Me: Holy shit man, is that anotha' one of those FAWN bitches tryin' to beat up that lady in a wheelchair? Come on boyz; lets show this chug he better act rite...
FAWN: What th' fuck is yo' problem ya whitey? You wanna go bizzitch?
Me (laughing as i hold my shank): Well then, lets go ya fuckin chug bring your ass!
FAWN: um, um, sit tight, uh... b....b....bitch im gon's to go get mah backup aight?
Me: *SMACK* Run along now boy i'll be waitin!
And so the FAWN jumps on the next train that heads his way, neeeeever to be seen again.
by UrbanMastermind February 16, 2005
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A local celebrity in SLC. One of the most tallented ladies ever to walk the Earth. Owner of Dame and Duke Fashion and Rockabilly Baby clothes. Her style is unsurpassed and is by far the funnest person to be around. She has amazing brown/green eyes and flaming red hair. You cant miss her, and if you do..your loss.
Guy 1: "who is that sexy lady?"

Guy 2: "You dont know? Thats Brittany Fawn, she's the shit."
by BFlover August 2, 2010
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Cockney rhyming slang for internet shorthand 'tl;dr' meaning 'too long; didn't read'.

Used to tell someone to just summarize what they're saying, because you can't be arsed to to go through it all. Also used to denote such a summary.

Most notably, 'blue fawn' provides a means to convey 'tl;dr' in face-to-face conversation for comedic or ironic value.

As is common in Cockney rhyming slang, the slang term is not necessarily related to, or rhyming with, the original word, as it may represent multiple iterations of rhyme, synonym, or ironic interpretation.

In this case, 'blue fawn' is a synonym for 'teal deer' a possible pronunciation of 'tl;dr'
A: <unnecessarily long, overly verbose, meandering explanation of something with no point or end in sight>
B: Fucking 'ell man. Just give me the blue fawn of the matter will ya or we'll be 'ere all night!
by Baka-chan June 26, 2009
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The coolest town in the entire state of Pennsylvania characterized by trucks and farms everywhere. The local hang out spot is the gas station and if visited after school lets out will be swarming with high school kids who stand around and smoke to look cool than squeal the tires when leaving as to make whatever piece of shit they are driving seem cool. To our west is the town of Delta who we dont mind because they are bigger hicks than us, but to the east is Stewartstown who many residents of both Fawn Grove and Delta hate. Many of the kids in Stewartstown believe they are super bad ass thugs because their town is bigger than ours and they have their own two car police department. Truth is, Stewartstown is still about the size of like 2 or 3 city blocks so at least the little thugs over there dont have much turf to defend, as if anybody else would want it. Fawn Grove is also referred to as the fg or the 382 because it and closeby area New Park share the same second 3 digits of their phone numbers "382"
Hey man you up to anything tonight
-Yea, I might head over to Fawn Grove I heard theres some sick parties there tonight.
by tar213 March 27, 2009
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The sport of hunting and killing baby deer with an opponent. The winner of this sport is the one who kills the fawn with the most spots on it's back.
Lets go fawn clubbing to see who can find the baby deer with the most spots on it's back.
by Nickelfus 5 August 27, 2009
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