used in place of the F word.
You can use it as an insult, but may NOT say "Fawn you."
Used to describe something displeasing or frustrating.
"What the fawn?"

"That person is such a fawn."

"This is boring as a fawn."
by KatieCoo March 18, 2007
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An fart that is so loud or noisy that it makes other people in the room want to fart in response; similar to the way that an expressive yawn is contagious. Fawns are often involuntary, though they have been known to be used as communication techniques.
Last night, grandpa ripped a fart the sounded like it slipped out, ran down his leg, danced around his inside his sweat pants, bounced off his Ugh, and tried to slip it's way back up, but another one was already there blocking it. I almost lost control and ripped a massive fawn in response.

by Don Gately February 17, 2008
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It means to show affection, normally it is when someone shows slave-like flattery; normally, when they are trying to gain something. Basically, it sucking up to someone or simping.
All if his fans were fawning over him at the meet and greet.
Many employees fawned over the CEO at the dinner party, hoping to get on his good side.
by Dazzle0412 March 11, 2021
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1. A young deer.
2. Pretty young girl.
3. Color; a grayish yellow-brown to moderate reddish brown.
4. A submissive behavior in order to gain favor. To flatter, a compliment.
1. "Look! There's a little fawn over there in the nice, green, meadow."
2. "Yeah, she's a real fawn."
3. "This makeup is for people with fair-colored skin. It's called 'Fawn'."
4. They fawned over the newborn baby.
by *Bee* August 12, 2006
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The act of women trying to walk in expensive, uncomfortable high heels after a long period of drinking whilst thinking they look classy; not dissimilar to a new-born deer struggling to take its first steps.
After a big day at the horse races you will see a lot of drunk girls fawning their way to the taxi rank.
"Look at those women fawning home from the nightclub!"
by kirkyben December 29, 2014
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The act of falling in a crowd or a crowded place for no reason, then walk away acting like nothing happened
Hey did you see that girl trip in font of everyone.
She didn't trip she was fawning
by FawnEtzel October 22, 2011
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Name most often derived from hippie/pot head parents. This person is normally semi attractive and can be caring and compasionate at times. However, don't be fooled by their affection. They are very unpredictable, and affection is normally shown before they ask you for something or are about to do something stupid. This person is a terrible decision maker. They are normally medicore to a little above average at best in the sack. If you encounter one of these women it is best to continue walking. Avoid confrontation at all costs.
The Fawn is unable to hold a normal relationship.
by Tom_Foolery_01496 February 6, 2010
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