When celebrities who want to restart their career claim to have had Covid 19 without any supporting medical evidence
Lena Dunham had Fauxvid 19
by kapweeng August 2, 2020
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A medical syndrome in which the patient develops symptoms identical to Covid-19, eg sore throat, coughing, fever.

Patient later tests negative for Covid-19

Fauxvid-19 can be caused by other cold and flu viruses, or can be a case of hypochondria.

Also known as Fauxronavirus and SARS-Faux-V-2.
Oh man I felt so unwell and was worried that I had Covid-19. But luckily it just turned out to be Fauxvid-19.
by Moccodile December 24, 2021
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Got the vaccine and am glad to be back in the swing of things after a short bout of fauxvid-19.
by just-a-thought April 21, 2021
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