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When a girl falls asleep with her head on a guy's lap and people see it wrong and think he was getting a blow job, and the guy doesn't correct them.
Hey man, you remember when Matt got a blow job from Krystal? That was a faux job, she was asleep.
by vizkiz March 30, 2011
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n., The act of a woman bringing her mouth into the vicinity of a man's groin with the intention of arousing him but not performing an actual sex act. A faux job can entail her placing a hand on the crotch and sucking her fingers, blowing on the penis from an inch or so away, placing her mouth over the penis of a man still wearing pants, or any other similar activity.The goal can be either to tease the man or to indicate a willingness to go further.
"I was only going to get one lapdance, but the stripper started giving me a faux job and next thing you know I'm out a hundred bucks."
by Parrish October 26, 2006
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The act of giving a simulated blow job. Fully-clothed, knelt in front of the receiever. Lifelike motions required, sucking sounds optional.
"I'm sofa king jealous of that dude who just gave Adam Lambert a faux job"
by YBFGOT November 24, 2009
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a blowjob that was received due to helping out said blower or one of their friends, for the sole purpose of getting that blowjob
Mike recruited Zara in the hopes of receiving a fauxjob
by Tommy Wis June 14, 2010
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