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1. A parked police vechicle used to slow traffic, but no actual officer is in or around it.

2. A security gaurd, rent-a-cop, public safety, etc...
I got a ticket from the Faux Po just because i parked over three handicapped spots.
by PeteRepeat May 17, 2006
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Variation on po-po or police. A car that is similar to an unmarked poilce car yet is owned by a regular joe that wants to be a policeman or just wants to confuse others. Highly annoying when situated in the fast lane holding up traffic.
Susan: Hey! Slow down. There's a police officer up here.

Jim: No way, that's just faux-po.
by JimmyV May 18, 2007
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A person driving a late model unmarked police car (obtained at sheriff's sale) but is not an officer. Usually a frustrated person who has tried to make the force and failed.
Dave: Dude, watch out for the po-po in the fast lane

Jim: That's some lame ass faux po hogging the fast lane.
by JimmyV January 22, 2009
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Portmanteau of faux and popo. Used for security guards, university cops or any other position delegated law-enforcing duties deemed unworthy of respect by the speaker.
"Oh no, I see sirens."
"Is it a popo or a fauxpo?"
"It's a... fauxpo."
"Keep speeding then!"
by DrewJ January 15, 2006
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Imitation police officer, such as a mall security guard. Derogatory term derived from the common slang for police officer "po-po".
Jane and Sarah ventured to the food court to meet up with John and Steve. Upon arrival, John bent down to give Sarah a kiss when Steve whispered "Look out, here comes the faux-po. Better cut it out before he comes over with his flashlight and night stick!"
by Jennifer P. June 19, 2007
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Variation of 'Faux Pa', meaning to offend another person's academic post-modern, or po-mo sensibilities.
When Charles said that he thought that the 'historical record' would reveal the truth, he had committed a Faux Po, and instantly became the class pariah.
by Sybil Vane July 27, 2009
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Those white cars out there that look exactly like the vehicles policemen drive, except they are usually driven by little old ladies. Can often become a parade maker even on the highway.
"Hey Jim slow down there's a cop behind us!"
"Alright I'm goin the speed limit now"
(as old lady whizzes by in white car)
"Are you kidding! It's just the FauxPo!!"
by DowntownDBrizz July 30, 2009
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