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A subculture defined mainly by Mac Assholes. They not only feel that Apple products are superior but also wear semi-emo type clothing; a "trendy" style that is meant to be innovative and original, but in truth is standardized and grounded by the rehashing and leeching of stylists' efforts to copy one another. The members of the Faux Pavant Garde are well off financially, though it's not clear exactly what they do for income, if indeed they do anything at all, but they afford their over-priced clothing, Cube cars, computers and Starbucks coffee somehow. The Faux Pavant Garde value some form of creativity but tout themselves to be transgressive artists, or those who push people out of their comfort zones with their art. These efforts are rather unfounded because the worst they do is transgress on Faux Pas though consider themselves at the forefront of an Avant Garde; hence, Faux Pavant Garde. This subculture of Mac Assholes, or generously, people, is one that membership is not desired.
Some would say the Faux Pavant Garde is a mixture of chav and emo, how they do it, I don't know.
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