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A day that acts much like a friday, but in fact is not. A day that "ends" the week.
Jack: "Oh man, i'm totally glad that today's a faux friday, i've got a shitton of homework to finish"

John: "I know! Today's thursday but we still get to skip school legally due to random holidays!"
by dereek19 December 18, 2008
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The start of a non-traditional work weekend that usually takes place mid-week. Most frequently the result of working a sub-par job that refuses to give actual weekends off.
John - "Hell yeah man it's my Faux Friday! You want to party tonight!?"

Scott - "No moron, tomorrow is Wednesday, I have to work. Get a real job."
by RedShift Rider October 08, 2012
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n. A day when one can celebrate the weekend early on a Thursday because he or she has a day off from school or work on Friday.
We don't have school tomorrow because of an in-service day. Yay for faux Fridays!
by Kat90 October 23, 2008
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