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1. The dumbasses that are the embarrassment of Fauquier County high schools. They think that they're the best thing since sliced bread, but in reality they're just little whores. 2. A school who has such pansy students that they spray-paint their schools initials on other school's rocks. 3. A school whose Book Club could go out on a field and get closer to winning than their team can.
LHS Student: So, where do you go to school?
FHS Student: I go to Fauquier High School.
LHS Student: Oh, damn. Sorry I asked.
by LHSisWINNING April 18, 2011
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99% of the kids at this school are tool bags that are into themselves. They all boast about how great they are and how LHS sucks. Ha Truth be told their school blows just as much as all the whores who attend it. The guys are all wannabe athletes, other than their soccer team which is usually decent. They suck at everything, including life itself. All the little pricks in the county go here and think they're superior to the rest of the world. They're school has a fan club called the zoo. Perfect name, cause just like animals at the zoo, they all smell like shit and look ten times worse. Besides that their school is next to a sewage plant. HAHA They may think they're on top but they all go to schools like Radford and WVU to drink, become fat and oh yea, remain uneducated. Sadly there are a few good people who go there that have to deal with the rest of the cock suckers. Its awesome to be a LIBERTY EAGLE. SCREW Fauquier High School
Fauquier High School sucks
by LHSiskeepinitclassy April 17, 2009
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