When a ass seems fat one day, but other days it may seem flat. It is not a positive, nor a negative word.
Guy 1: her ass was so fat yesterday, now its flat
Guy 2: yea, she has a type fatty
by BryantM4 March 31, 2016
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A fucking sexy beast monkey that went missing and everyone is sad. He is a obese monkey that has the biggest schlong!
by Further in me April 3, 2021
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DAMNNNNNNNN shawty got tha fatty
by Bray_ZADDY November 21, 2020
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Worse than every other insult in the world including your doggy soggy.
Person 1: Hey, your mom gay
Person 2: Well Your dad lesbian
Person 1: But your granny tanny
Person 2: Haha, your doggy soggy
Person 1: Lol, your Catty Fatty

The whole multiverse explodes and everything that ever existed becomes a black hole and sucks everything in and then it sucks itself in and all that is left is the insult.
by SURLAW OCYHZ April 16, 2018
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