A very misled, violent and highly organized larper with many supporters. They are inept for the most part and incapable of doing anything of material value. Fascists only know how to carry their ideology forward as brand fetishism.
Hahaha do you see that fascist he be larping again though
by Marxism101 March 6, 2022
A person displaying alt-right, racist or who calls left wing people trots, marxists, etc whilst showing a remarkable lack of empathy for people. Will be found to have football (soccer) mentioned in their profile.
I noticed while he was ranting about muslims and trots that he supports x football club! Another footie-fascist!
by Chr0me February 27, 2018
What Facebook does to cover their own ass when it comes to their ever-increasing censorship of truth and conservatives/ Christians.
I am constantly getting messages from Facebook, Fascist-splaining why they removed my post. I think they feel guilty because they know it's wrong.
by DoTheVooDew May 17, 2019
a person that fights for Theocratic Fascism in government, pushing unconstitutional Christian laws on the US population
Mitch McConnell uses his Senate seat to push a Christ-O-Fascist laws through the Senate
by LordEric April 7, 2022
heyy buddy guesss what today is Throw Your Fascist Friend Day, time to chuck u threw the stratosphere:)
by coomconnoisseur February 3, 2022