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Mr. Know-it-all, this guy has virtually limitless information of important and trivial shit alike. Whenever two Farteins meet they are locked in an epic battle to the death that will shake the very foundations of the universe; there can only be one (this is one of the reasons there are so few Farteins left). Fartein is regarded to be a very cool and chill guy by most people, except for haters, because haters gonna hate.

It is rumored that Fartein is an ancient norse name given only to the brave few who dared travel the world in search of knowledge.

p.s. It has nothing to do with farts... I swear!
Oh shit! Is that Fartein AND Fartein talking to eachother over there!? We better get the fuck out of here!
by Nietraf January 13, 2011
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