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This is the pinnacle of deceit. It is the lowest possible classification found under the umbrella of the category "Sancho". This is a homewrecking act done by a female. In which, a female participates in any sexual act that involves ejaculation with a male that is taken or in a relationship with a distinct female classification. The key part here is, the male that is chosen to complete this grungeful act with HAS to be taken by a female significant other that is either a hooker, prostitute, escort, or any other classification of female that exchanges sexual acts with a predetermined agreement to receive a monetary settlement for this act. This is the crucial part in order to classify as a Fartado's Lady. It is the most vile and vengeful cheating act known to man. Generally this act is done by a female who is cheating to hurt someone (ex boyfriend, bf, etc). Condoms/protection are strictly forbidden, otherwise that defeats the purpose. And yes, escorts do have significant others.
Oh, No Way! That Mexican girl with the fake rrrrumpa clearly is not afraid to admit she had sex with Jaimas boyfriend! She just took down Jaima's whole client list in one swoop! She went for the dagger! Got someone with the 'ol: Fartado's Lady. Someone must have really pissed her off.
by Da Wordsmiff May 31, 2018
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