a wet fart......usually sounding like you just did a crap in your pants. Usually caused by a sweating butt and a fart.
I'm having so much fun at the water park....what was that sound? Did you just do a wiffle fart?
by buttlicking machine 2000 December 08, 2011
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An insult a mother or father can use to call their child a mistake
damit jerry you never do the dishes and you sit on your ass all day you Womb Fart
by bobbybigbalIs July 06, 2021
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When someone has intestinal worms that shoot out their anus when they fart.
I was petting the cat and she still has worm farts, looks like we need to take her to the vet again.
by Siva tells April 19, 2021
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The scent produced by spraying air freshener in a smelly bathroom after a brutal shit attack.
Greta ! Don’t go in there yet- it smells like a tropical fart.
by Noturbaby September 25, 2021
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A Fart that comes from a person in the room and when is accused, adamantly denies such fart. Said farter, never, ever, accepts the fart as theirs, and blames everyone else in the room. Then tweets about it.
Dude, what the fuck! Did you just fart? Don't deny your Trump Fart.
by KarenSip January 11, 2021
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