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Fart brewing is when someone takes pleasure in smelling their own farts. Fart brewing is similar to wine tasting. A person will smell the fart and then taste the fart in the back of their throat. A fart brewer will fart into jars and leave the jar to age over a period of time. Once a jar has aged for a certain amount of time it is then opened and inhaled.

Fart brewing has given birth to the saying of "Everyone likes a whiff of their own brand"

If a fart brewer does not have a jar on hand they will result in using a cup method to inhale the fart. This method is fast and efficient.
" I like my farts like I like my wine, aged and sweet."

"See that guy over there, he's a fart brewer and he likes to smell and jar his own farts."
by Rosstafarian July 21, 2014
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