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This is when you get a condom and an Excesity, and then put the pill inside the condom,
Then rip a nasty fart into the condom and tie it up and let it sit for one to two hours in the freezer,
Then open the package and remove the pill and proceed to give the pill to your lover and tell them to swallow it.
I got my girlfriend to do a "Fart Tart" the other day and she tasted farts for the rest of the day.
by EatItAndLikeIt October 08, 2017
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A prostitute who can't stop farting!

A slut with a bad case of the farts!

Someone who loves the smell of farts!

A fart pie!

To dress up a fart!

A derogatory name or rude name to call someone.
"Simone came over and the bitch couldn't stop farting and laughing!"

"She's a total fuck'n fart tart!"

"If that little fart tart think's she can shit all over me like that, she has another thing com'in to her!"

CINDY-LOU: Mike tried to dress up one of his farts!
CAMMY: (Shocked) Again?
CINDY-LOU: (Licking her lips) Uhuh...
CAMMY: (Chewing gum) What this time?
CINDY-LOU: After he farted his fucking guts out, he tried to tell me he had farted out Hilton's Restaurant Food but I dam well know a McDonalds fart when I smell one!
CAMMY: (Spits out gum) What a piece of fuck'in filth!
CINDY-LOU: Uhuh total Fart Tart!
by The Moody Poet January 06, 2007
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