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Before your comfortable passing wind in front of the person you are trying to impress, holding in all your farts means that the tiny fart molecules join together and form a fart poo. Smaller than a regular size poo, just a collection of farts forming one solid mass. Usually when the fart poo is passing through it is accompanied by a fresh batch of very loud farts which echo loudly around the toilet basin.

A person most likely to experience fart poos is the trump collector.
Tom: "I didn't want to fart in front of Naomi the other day so I held in all my farts"
Will: "Surely that can't be good for you"
Tom: "My stomach started hurting, and then I went to the toilet and deposited a fart poo"

"I've been holding in these farts all day now I really need to get rid of this fart poo"
by freshticles February 19, 2012
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A poo that you think is a fart but really it's a wet poo that feels like it is going to burn through your butt and than burn your organs.
I just took a fartpoo and I need to get to the bathroom.
by Iamalazyperson June 07, 2016
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