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When you fart into another persons mouth, then that other person blows it back into your mouth.
While I was getting rimmed last night I accidentally busted a fart in my girls mouth, to my surprise she was cool with it and gave me a fart kiss.
by Mystery Shoe August 07, 2012
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The act of farting in someone's mouth then blowing it back in their face
I fart kissed this girl last night I was so drunk.
by Keith Brenner April 17, 2011
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When kissing someone one person puts their tongue into the other's mouth, making sure there are no gaps between eachother's lips, and blows into their mouth whilst using your tongue (as if blowing a raspberry) to make a farting noise.
*wants to surprise gf/bf*

*gives fart kiss*

*both laugh in hysterics at ridiculous noise coming from mouths*
by SG94 April 29, 2012
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