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Following an internal ejaculation during anal sex, the receiving woman releases a fart and the semen travels down her taint and into her vagina. Following fertilization and 9 months, a redheaded fair-skinned baby is born. Current research suggests the higher rate of lighter skin and red hair is a result of increased exposure to light during travel along the taint.
I want my kid to have a soul and not be a fart baby ginger
by asswizard May 22, 2011
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Medical term describing a condition in which the build up of gas in the gut result in a distended abdomen. The resulting "pooch" makes the person appear 3-5 months pregnant. This condition is most prevalent in skinny girls. Almost always followed by a long night of Dutch Oven festivities.
Hey honey you're not pregnant again are you? No I had chilli fries for lunch. I'm working on a fart baby for tonight. You had better not fall asleep first.
by Lazy_Rgr April 01, 2011
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