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The act of going up to a sleeping person, bending over, and waking them up by farting near their face.
Bob was sleeping, so I decided to wake him up with a fart alarm.
by wolfpacleader1986 August 27, 2012
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When you think you have to shit, but only fart into the bowl when you try to do so.

When you go to change your baby's dirty diaper (because it smells like shit) and find it empty.
Dave: 30 minutes wasted due to a fart alarm.

Melissa: dammit Dave that's the 4th time today. eat a burrito and shit already.

Mom: change your sons diaper. He smells like shit!
Dad: Fart Alarm... Diaper is empty. You were right Honey; he is my son!
by Pelt hater January 08, 2012
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