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Also known as Farm Town, it's a small town about an hour south of St. Louis.

It has about 15,000 people, who are generally nice. Most are religious, because Farmington's right in the middle of the Bible belt. A lot are into country, hunting, fishing, and farming (hence the name Farmington).

The high school has about 1200+ students, who are basically full of every stereotype. Dumb jocks, bitchy popular girls, emo kids... But there's plenty of chill and genuine people too, you just have to find them.

We think we're the best town in the area (if you visit the other towns, you'll see why) so we're generally hated by everyone else. But we're pretty much okay with it. Around town, we have a Wal-Mart, tons of fast food, a Family Fun Center, a Civic Center with an indoor pool and a Water Park, and even a 4-screen movie threatre.

During the first weekend in June, there's Country Days, which has a carnival, a parade, a talent show, a pageant, and more. It's pretty fun, except every bit of white trash crawls out of their holes during Country Days. You will never see such a vast amount of white trash in one place at one time. Prepare yourself.

In general, a good place to grow up, but by the time you're 18, you want nothing more than to get out of here. But lots of people come back. It's so easy to hate it, but it's your hometown. You grow attached nonetheless.
I've grown up in Farmington, Missouri (aka Farm Town), and I'm almost on my way out! I guess I'll see how fucked up I am when I get out into the real world.
by justanotherchick16 May 28, 2011
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