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Farmington High School, located in Hartford County, Connecticut is known mainly for the obscenely wealthy population of stuck up assholes. Known to have one of the most absurd pep rally's in the entire country that received national coverage, it's ironically not uncommon for people to sit around all night doing nothing but hanging out with their family while watching a Disney film in their personal movie theaters. When rare social gathers do occur it often consists mainly of single-gendered groups playing BP together until the first person passes out and cries and needs to have their stomach pumped. One upside of Farmington is their highly regarded boys soccer team coached by the legend himself, Steve Waters. Cliques are quite common and your entire social status in high school may be determined by your first friend in kindergarten.
Farmington Breh 1: Yo dude did you pick up the lastest Air Max 90's?!

Farmington Breh 2: Yeah those are so hot dude but I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to get those new rims for my Mercedes because my mom's credit card is almost maxed out.

Farmington Breh 1: Aight dude, catch you at Farmington High School tomorrow.
by JB Dinosaur November 14, 2009
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