A woman married to a farmer.

Usually a family member before marriage such as; cousin, second cousin, or even a sister.

Someone with an IQ of less than 60.
A Farmer’s Wife should stay barefoot and pregnant.
by Isn’t life fun August 13, 2020
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Usually used in reference to general frustrations felt my a mule farmers wife. Tiredness typically. Can also refer to hunger, itchy anus and other related issues.
by Sir Jerfery Darmer Mbe December 06, 2010
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The act of harvesting a fresh ear of corn from a field or garden, schucking it, then fucking your partner with it.
The other day when my wife and I went to the store we passed a corn field. I immediately pulled over and gave her the ole Farmer's Wife!
by BadDaddy88 September 07, 2021
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