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When a band is too lazy to make anything new so they need to call every tour a "Farewell Tour" so fans pay to see them lip-sync their top 10 songs with Little guest stars like Lil Wayne and Arianna Grande doing guest vocals as well as Skillet adding dubstep and opening acts like Hellyeah and Five Finger Death Shits.
"Yo I got my Kiss Farewell Tour tickets for $300 this year!"
" Aw Shiet, I'll wear my shirt from last years Farewell Tour!"
by Grand_Womp November 09, 2019
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leaving a class and never coming back, made by the marina high school (mariners) class of 2009 in history
cj: did matt take the farewell tour yet?
mr. silva: almost.... not yet.
cj: wow
by xcaught_in_the_fall_2009x June 08, 2009
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(n). Almost exclusively limited to the rich and/or famous, the farewell tour refers to the media circus that occurs when a celebrity passes away. Recent examples include Michael Jackson and Sen. Edward Kennedy. For the event to truly be considered a farewell tour, the corpse must lay in state somewhere for a short time, then be moved at least once, either to lay in state elsewhere or, ultimately to their viewing and/or funeral service. It is customary for large groups of mourners heretofore unknown by the deceased and family to flock to the stops along the way in an effort to catch a little "contact fame"...
Hey, Michael Jackson's in town for his farewell tour. That guy was HUGE! Wanna go pay our respects?
by pm1960 August 29, 2009
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