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That perfect guy you want but can't have for real because one or both of you are attached to someone else.
He was 6 ft tall, had a great bod, and was funny, warm, and sweet. Alas, I had to resign him to the ranks of a fantasy boyfriend because I didn't want to cheat on my guy.
by spiritygirl38 July 20, 2010
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A fantasy boyfriend is a man who exudes sensuality, mystery, and eroticism. He always smells delicious and he has the most elegant, masculine hands. When he looks at you, your whole body is engulfed in desire. You get wet every time you talk to him on the phone. After an afternoon of swimming in his rooftop pool, he pulls off your swimsuit and eats your pussy with deft expertise. You cum, your glistening back arching and your wet hair dripping on the cotton sheets. On another occasion, you make love in a room filled with garden roses. He covers every inch of your body in passionate kisses. You fall asleep on his chest to the sound of rain. You get together many other times; on every occasion, his only goal is to give you pleasure in all its forms.

Of course, none of this is real because he is a fantasy boyfriend.
I spent some time this morning with my dildo, some lube, and my fantasy boyfriend.
by chaton_de_cannelle May 11, 2018
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