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The person who plays fantasy football and dominates the leagues they are in. They understand who to draft, who to play when and understand the best matchups. They also know when to trade players and when to head to the waivers to find good bench players. You will typically find that a "Fantasy Football Guru" is in multiple leagues.
Scot: My team is 4 and 4 in fantasy football. I need a winning streak to get in the playoffs.
Yamilin: You play the "fantasy football Guru" this week so you know the winning streak isn't starting now. He just picked up Wes Welker off waivers and he killed it last week against the Dolphins.
Scot: No doubt. The Guru watches the computer and all 15 games each Sunday. He thinks he is the GM of the Dallas Cowboys or something.
Yamilin: It is only fantasy football but the Guru thinks it is real.
Homewood: The fantasy football Guru is a freak.
by ERP October 27, 2007
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