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To dump the clutch and go as fast as possible in the shortest possible time.
"Go on fang it", said Bob to his mate as he left.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
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The word fang it is used when some one has gone faster than ever before. It is the word to describe faster than the fastest of fasts, its fucken fast.
Tomo: Oi look at butler he is getting towed by a car on his skater.
Josh: arhhhhhhh he just clocked 54km/h
Ribbs: woooooo fang it butler
by Darren Thomson April 26, 2005
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(In car culture) to instantly drive with as much haste as possible considering the situation. To take the vehicle right up to its limits of grip in all dimensions.

Paste tense: fanged
"Oh shit the cops are coming, lets fang it!"

"Watch me fang it through here"

"Wow that guy is fangin it"
by Anzactuck June 09, 2017
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A term used between males to express an opinion about a females looks.

Comments passed between male friends about a stunning looking stranger

will most probably be heard at the beach/night club whilist Checking Out Females

to fang it. / to have sex with.

note: this term isnt used litterly, stating that you would "fang it" / "fang her" is not usually taken as "I would like to have sex with that female" purely another way of saying i think that female is attractive
"bro, check out the hottie"
"Yeah man, id fang it"
by FWD_NINJA December 30, 2005
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UK Slang

Cruder harsher form of Fangita
Freddie just eat it and stop being such a fangit
by Gigi July 14, 2004
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