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An individual who is willing to do anything, regardless of how humiliating or demeaning, to achieve notoriety.

More often than not, this involves appearing on multiple reality television shows and/or having "private" sex videos "leaked" to the press.
by c.s. lewis sr. October 22, 2009
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someone who uses Twitter as form of self-service or gain followers through spamming too much hashtags; often spams the Twitter trend-lists as much as they can to gain followers for useless/senseless reason.
"Follow back <insert famewhore-related hashtag here>! Tweet 20x for a follow!"
"TWEETING, FOLLOWING AND DM'ING RIGHT NOW, Keep Tweeting <insert famewhore-related hashtag here> :) RT!"
by Anti_famewhore #26 May 27, 2013
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A person that prostitutes himself or herself on a media outlet, preferably a reality TV show (i.e. Joe Millionaire), in the hopes of sustaining an ample amount of their 15 minutes.
Why does American Idol attract the biggest famewhores?
by C & B February 10, 2004
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Someone who craves the spotlight. Usually this person has no talent to begin with. which makes it all the more horrid.
John: Hi
Amy: Hi, want an autograph?
John: Why would I want your autograph?
Amy: Because everyone loves me and would die for an autograph from me!
John: No. Get the fuck away. Fame Whore.
by Awesomefaic July 11, 2010
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A female who would do just about anything to come to limelight. Such an individual is ready to stoop to any level for fame and attention
Debrahlee Lorenzana is the paradigm of a perfect fame whore.
by Krishhhhhhh July 06, 2010
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Okay, first of all. I'm talking about a game called Maple Story. If you don't know the game, this might seem a bit confusing to you.

A usually high leveled NX whoring character (boy or girl) with a ridiculously high amount of fame (150+). Sure, there are some people who are generally nice and actually deserve that fame. But, the majority of them are fame whores.

Fame whores are people who ask for free fame, or set up game rooms asking for free fame (in their best looking NX clothes, of course). Some fame whoring girls (usually girls) sweet talk a weak minded, testosterone filled teenaged boy, in attempt to gain fame and free stuff. ....SLUTS!!

~Disclaimed's Opinion :D~
I HATE FAME WHORES. Need I say more?
xCuteS1nx1: y halo thar <3
V13TB01LUL: hi cutie <3
-Conversation goes on with excessive amounts of flirting-
xCuteS1nx1: ya...i was wonderin. can u fame me pwetty pwease?
V13TB01LUL: sure, anything for u ;)
xCuteS1nx1: (after being famed) ya i gtg now, cya (ditches)

xCuteS1nx1 (buddy chat): lol i just got famed for the 8th time today..ima beat ya ;D
Lala8374 (kind&generous girl with a bit more fame then xCute) (buddy chat): you didn't deserve it...>.>;
xCuteS1nx1 (buddy chat): dont be jealous
Lala8371 (buddy chat): don't be a fame whore, i actually earned it
by Disclaimed September 07, 2007
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