To falsetto is to fake a scream in a high-pitched tone during sex.
During sex last might she was like, "aah aah aah aah" in a falsetto.
by rame4357 February 28, 2008
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A form of speech that escalates sexual behavior with words normally used for non sexual activities.
Heyo did you eat yet? lets get delivery service later, that same 24hr, chinese, food place.
let me think about this-ok.
oh, right on. latez.

oh..he ran a falsetto, again..
by showeroomba May 21, 2020
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A gay ass musical set in 1979 with a bunch of gay people and a bad therapist.
β€˜Have you seen Falsettos yet?’

β€˜Nah bro it’s gay and no homo’
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