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A teensy weensey town located in the magical land of the Housatonic river valley of New England. Only the most magnificent people reside there. It is also the ginger capital of the east coast, and a safe-house to many a red-headed step-child. The town boasts an impressive business district consisting of a liquor store, a weekend cafe and a newly opened general store that will probably close soon because no one actually knows about it. There is also a gas station. It's tourist attractions include an abandoned caboose on Main Street and the world-famous Oreo Cows on the Kellogg farm. Those who hail from this diminutive hamlet stand proud, as there are increasingly fewer of them. The town's population is said to stand at approximately one-thousand, but this number is made up largely of Newyorkers who only own summer homes in the F-Vizzle. They drive poorly and are often silently cussed out by the locals, so they don't really count.
-Where are you from?
-Falls Village, Connecticut.
-Falls Village Connecticut??! Land of the Gingers?! Can I have your autograph??!
by aplate December 02, 2010
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