The sexual act of forcefully inserting a clenched fist, knuckles first, into a sexual orifice. Often this act is performed simultaneously in both the vaginal and anal cavities.
Tiara expressed her disappointment in Jerome's 3-inch cock. Jerome's retaliatory "Falcon Punch" left Tiara only desiring the smallest of penises.
by Captain_Falcon! January 24, 2009
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a flaming punch that was originaly done by captain falcon. this was used in the super smash bros. series but was also used as a attack that falcon used on this evil dude in the f-zero cartoon series.
captain falcon:FALCON PAAAWNCH
some f-zero racer:CAPTAIN FALCON!
mewone:thats what a falcon punch is guys.
by mewone April 07, 2009
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A uber-powerful punch that will smear anyone hit by it across the wall and is so powerful that it can bend space fabric time or whatever and to make it even better is occasionally covered or coated in awesomesauce.
Doing one melee in halo 3 and magically killing five people is about one ten trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion times infinity infierior to a single Falcon punch. And thats without awesomesauce....
by racerbob October 24, 2009
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Creating a diversion; successfully distracting a large number of people, perhaps an entire population, from more important issues by throwing a bullshit sideshow.
A six-year-old boy named Falcon and his attention-whore family successfully tricked the nation's major media outlets into airing hours of distractions from more pressing issues, such as health care reform, because they thought he might be inside a balloon in midair and be in danger of plunging to his untimely death. One could argue that whereas someone should have 'falcon punched' his mother, instead this complicit little lad 'Falcon punched' the nation. Also see: Runaway Bride
by Fannie P. Acker October 15, 2009
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Verb. To use an extremely epic move or tactic in anything that grants the user instant victory.
Example One:
Teacher: The atomic bomb ended the war when it was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In a sense, we basically Falcon Punch'd the Japanese so that we don't have to drag the war out any longer.

Example Two:
Michael: So I was playing poker with John the other night, and I had a three of a kind of fives on the last hand.
James: Did you win?
Michael: No. He pulled a goddamn straight flush out of his ass and won the game.
James. Damn man! He Falcon Punch'd you!
by John D. Heisenberg May 14, 2013
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Most powerful move in supersmash bros and is used by Captain falcon
Chuck Norris threw the dodgeball so hard it had flames, it looked like a Falcon Punch
by Dodgeb11names April 15, 2009
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v. The act of forcefully shoving one's fist - in a punching motion - up a female's rectum during intercourse, often whilst shouting "Falcon Punch!" Also referred to as fisting or buttrape, though those don't include the catchy punching words =D Taken from Captain Falcon.
"I love it in the butt!"
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
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