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The act of showing your nutsack to your friends for a laugh
Yo mike last night was crazy. We pulled the fake wife on chuck!
by hardcor3r4bbit February 23, 2015
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type of genuine committed monogamous relationship usually between a middle aged man and a younger divorced single mother who recieves a regular set small amount of money per month for a set term (usually 1 yr) from the man.

Similar to a wife, the woman manages the man's thinking to keep him focused on job, goals etc. She also controls the sex in the relationship. As in any relationship he provides companionship, stability and emotional support as well as some duties typically performed by a husband
While living apart the woman spends 1 night per week with the man as though she is his wife

Differs from sugar daddy because there is no exploitation and there is an honest monogamous relationship
Q. She's a single mom working at McDonald's how can she afford a new car?
A. Oh, she's a fakewife to that guy who used to pick her up when her old car was broken
Q. Did he buy it for her?

A. No, he just committed to helping her with the payments
by Sky3844 September 05, 2012
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