People who talk behind your back and smile in your face.People who say something and look back.People who start beef just to see you fustrated.People who just use you until you don't have nun else.They would do anything to make their self look good.They act like your best friend but really not.
People trying to be you friend just to use you😤😤 fake people
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by Keep it real with me July 23, 2018
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A person who has different personalities and acts different around other people to make themselves look good or cool being fake is not a good thing.
Fake people should be avoided at all costs.
by streetdefiner July 02, 2011
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“make sure you tag me in your instagram post so i can get followers” -fake people
by FAKE BEACHESSS June 01, 2018
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Someone who talks behind someone’s back then smile in their face like nothing happened 2 weeks/months ago.
Fake people:
Ashley to Brittany: omg do you see Annas boots lmao, she looks like she got them from the dollar store.
Brittany to Ashley: Righttt! Also did you smell her breath it smells like assholes.

Laughs together
4 months later
Ashley to Anna together: Hey Anna, you look really pretty today.I like your hair.

Ashley to Anna: Righttt! Do you want to come to the movies with us tomorrow night?

Anna: Sure guys, that’s really nice of you!
by Jeffftthekillllerrr December 05, 2018
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the ones you thought that were your friends until you find out they are talking crap behind you back. The ones that want attention , the ones who just use you for something!
Hey look!

Rachael and Sadie are being fake people, they like talking bad about us behind our backs!
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by 0of_ January 21, 2019
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People who will only hangout with you when they have no one else to hangout with. They will be a different person and hangout with people they have known less longer. They will invite other People to things that they know you don’t like, and then will ditch you for that person.
I can’t stand fake people who do those things to people they call their friends.
by allsmeres November 15, 2019
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