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The belief that it's possible to have the perfect relationship with a partner. A relationship that's equal to the hopelessly romantic ones seen in movies. A relationship that will remain forever innocent. This ideal comes with an absence of pragmatism along with obvious naivity.

That said, this ideal does have its positives. Fairytale syndrome often pushes the believer to be the best that they can be within a relationship and therefore leads to happiness in the long run.

However, because it's unrealistic, the believer will likely grow to resent themselves or their partner for not adhering to their ideal.
Sally: '... I don't even find other men attractive, Joe is perfect. He is the best looking man I've ever seen. I could never be angry with him. I'll love him this way forever.'
Christina: 'Sounds like you have fairytale syndrome. '
by Anzdanz April 12, 2015
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Predominantley an attribute given to a person who thinks that there is the perfect mate waiting for them. These are people with very high self esteem who think they are the best good looking people and think that they are superior to others, but in reality they are nothing of the sort.

The most common facts about these people is the following:
Over 35, Only child in the family, Still lives with parents, Think they are good looking, Have the same hair style since university, Have a mild stalker streak in them, find a very patient friend to annoy and expect this friend to meet up whenever he/she wants.

These type of people have very few friends, and the few friends they have they annoy by calling them to tell them with how they connected with other people (these people in return never contact them back after their first meeting).
(Phone rings for the 8th time in 3 hrs)
Me: Hey. What's wrong?
Her: Why does he not return my calls or my e-mails?!? I sent him like 5 e-mails and called him 4 times already??? He even removed me from his friends list on (social media website)! You're a man you should know what's going on through a man's head.
Me: .... Give him some time...
Her: Give him some time for what?!? I didn't do anything wrong, just gave him a 3 page poem yesterday stating my love towards him as an artist the first time we met! He said that the poem was really inspiring. I'm a good looking girl for my age. no?
Me: Yes yes at 43 you still look ok even though you suffer from fairy tale syndrome!
Her: As if! The guys run after me, not vice versa. When he answers me you'll know I was right. Anyway, I can always go to his country and meet up with him there. Anyways we need to meet, my parents will be out this weekend. Will you come and give me a massage?
Me: Sorry but I got to go as I have a meeting soon.
Her: Ok I'll call you later
Me: There is no need, I don't know when it will be finishing.
Her: It's not a problem... Do you still love me?
Me: Hey, Sorry but I really got to go...
Her: But why is he not answering me? Do you know?
Me: Ask him, I have no clue. Catch you later.
Her: *SOB* OK... Promise to meet me next weekend...
Me: Bye bye...
by Maltese Pecan Nut August 12, 2013
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