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A utopia 14 miles South East of Mobile. HOME OF BLIND COPS.

Druggies- half population
Old people- half population
Ignorant fucks- full population

Near the lovely wooden park you will find the white emo kids who are so not sTr@iGht 3dg3! Matter of fact, they'll brag about how they were so high that they bit their lip while trying to bight a pepperoni last night.

If you aren't emo, you aren't worthy. In Fairhope, Alabama, there are no hipsters, metal heads, no cybergoths, no goths, no "screamolester" (property of yourscenesucks). Looking for Nintendocore? See Silverhill, AL.

Basically, you're either "preppy" or "emo/scene", more likely to be emo/scene because everyone in Fairhope is "s0 different" by being the exact same. Whether or not your emo or prep, you are a pot head.

You WILL "fall in love" in Fairhope. If you don't fall in love with someone you went to school with, who is the opposite gender, you're a sinner. You make Satan's baybeez.
Fairhope, AL is full of angels :))))))))))

by FrynoRhino February 05, 2011
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