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Fairchester Pong (FP) is a variation of standard beer pong, or Beirut. It is played with 10 cups stacked in a three dimensional pyramid-like formation. 6 cups on the bottom, followed by 3 cups, followed by the top cup. Play is synonymous to standard beer pong in regards to teams and other universally understood rules, however in FP a cup cannot be removed until it is completely free from supporting other cups.

In addition to the standard "island" rule, one per player per game, and standard bounce, rollback, and finger/blow etiquette, FP also has an added level of difficulty with some new rules of its own.

1. If a player can shoot the ball, causing a top cup to fall into one or more lower cups, while retaining the ball in the initial cup, it counts as multiple cups. Offensive players and any and all spectators must yell "Triple cup cup-fall!" or "Double cup cup-fall!," depending on the cup-fall scenario, in order for this multiple cup rule to apply.

2. If a cup is supporting only one other cup and a player makes the supporting cup, it means nothing. Unless, their teammate, who has not yet had their turn, can make the one cup the aforementioned cup is supporting, thus unlocking both cups, thus both cups can be removed. Unfortunately in this situation, no rollbacks are given to the unlocking team.

3. Redemption is played every game with each redeeming player able to shoot until they miss.

That's it. Have a blast and let's get drunk.
Fairchester Pong might possibly be the most fun variation of beer pong I have ever had the privilege to play and understand. Not only am I going to remember this evening for its fun and easy going environment, but also because I really want to have sex with the guys who would host such a great event and include Fairchester Pong in it. Wow, I'm horny just thinking about those guys and Fairchester Pong.
by el ttilood January 14, 2014
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