A one armed coach. The name "fainting couch" originated in the 1920's when women wore their corsets so tight that they would faint due to loss of oxygen to the brain
Loraine, move out of the way. I'm light headed. I need the fainting couch
by skylarskank July 11, 2008
A common kind of feminism, that sees women as too weak and sensitive for normal adult interaction.

Fainting couch feminists often push for "woman as child"-laws. Trying to redefine rape as "sex a woman regrets" or claiming women can't consent to sex after a couple of drinks is text book fainting couch feminism.
Oh, she's not responsible for her actions? Typical fainting couch feminism.
by dondidit October 16, 2014
adj. : Beliefs and practices that coincide with the "Third-Wave" feminist idea that people's feelings and emotions must be treated as delicate and fragile. Common on university campuses in the forms of "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces."
A: I thought the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. was giving the commencement speech for the university.
B: He was, but since he discusses real equality, a couple white feminists felt he didn't acknowledge the "lived experiences" of black people. They felt this was triggering so they used a hashtag campaign to get him banned.
A: But i though universities were where people went to have the hard conversations, work through them and better society as a result.
B: They use to be, but since fainting couch feminism took over, they're just places young adults go to be coddled like children for $40k a year.
trigger warning safe space feminism third wave feminism SJW white knight intersectional feminism
by cb4mpnw November 15, 2015