A homosexual act or any of the sterotypical homosexual attributes (lisp, feminine physicalities, etc...)
Hey Jason, I don't know if you realize it but that motion you just gave me to get in the car was a total fagatism.
by Blipstein July 16, 2008
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An pioneer of Faggots. Someone who was a fag before there was hipsters and vape boxing douche bags.
Wow, that slammed Subaru is so gay what a Fagateer.
by Dr. VTEC November 19, 2017
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when someone who is straight is turned into a homo.
"Remember him back in middle school wit da funny walk?"
-Yeah, he was not gay right?
"Until now bro, he was fagatized two months ago by his cousin, Douglas!"
by Tugboats June 11, 2006
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Outrageously homosexual (Pronounced- fag- ay- shuss)

At dunkin donuts drive thru window-
Joe- "One coffee, you want anything Chad?"
Chad - "One French Vanilla latte with whipped
cream and cinnamon and a croissant."
Joe- "Dude that was fuckin fagateous!"
by IJD March 08, 2008
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M8 this word sounds German, but I should tell you the definition first. Basically, it's a cool way of saying faggot.
Guy1:Hey did you here that Liz cheated on me?
Guy2: what a fagateizer

Guy1: wtf
by Sh1ver y October 17, 2017
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