You know those people who'll never talk or even look at you in real life but on Facebook they like everything on your page, pester you with wall posts, always want to chat with you, poke you, etc. (generally act like you two are great friends)? Oh, and you barely know them or don't even know them at all and at some point randomly got a friend request from them. Yeah, you totally have a Facebook friendship with them!
Lisa: "Pshh... Yesterday Julia kept bugging me on Facebook all night until I finally had to get off the computer just to be rid of her. Today she won't even look my way. What's wrong with her?!"
Lilly: "Oh, she does that to everyone. She seems to love leading Facebook friendships with people but real friendship means nothing to her!"
Lisa: "I see. That's pointless, no wonder she has no real friends, just those "friends" she has on Facebook."
Lilly:" Yeah, I know, right? Facebook is not a replacement for real friends. It's just a sad attempt."
by immaraider May 11, 2011
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when a facebook friend goes thru your friend list and requests one of your friends to add them as a friend even though they do not know them.
My facebook friend told me my brother tried a facebook friendship hijacking by requesting them as a friend. He doesn't know her!
by pookaalp July 30, 2010
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