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Dirty laundry is that stuff that you keep super secret but over time - sometimes decades - 1 or more people find out about.

Facebook laundry is that stuff you keep super secret but five hundred million people find out about 15 seconds after it was shoring up for the slow maturation of being relatively discreet, dirty laundry.
John Cocktoastin: I, John Cocktoastin, have just been caught cheating (for over a year) on my wife of 7 years and my 6 year old daughter with T. Audry Lolitta. I am a lying scumbag who doesn't even care enough to break it off with the woman I'm cheating with and try to make it work. ASS.

P.Aserby: Now this is truly a special moment in the history of Facebook Laundry. Way to leave facebook logged in, John. Oh, and also that cheating thing. Both bad.
by b0xxx January 04, 2011
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