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People who you are only friends with to their face. You don't hang out with them on a daily basis, because you can only spend so much time with them.
"have you hung out with Sara recently"
"no we're just face friends"
by cookieshark460 June 28, 2016
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Someone you are "friends" with on a website, such as Facebook and don't aknowledge when you see them outside the internets . You talk to eachother, make up inside jokes, and even have deep and meaningful conversations for hours online. However, you mutually don't even grant eachother a simple "Hey" when passing in real live.
"So is Anna going to be at your party this Friday? I saw your wall-to-wall and you guys seem to be pretty close these days."

"Hahah, no way. We're just face-friends. I have no desire to see her in the flesh."
by hell's bells June 04, 2007
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A person who is your friend to you in person but lies about you behind your back when your not around .
Why does Lisa act so nice in person but talk about you when your not here .....because she is a face friend .
by realtalk86 September 26, 2015
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A person you accept as a "friend" on facebook, not necessarily a friend in reality, who can view and peruse your Facebook page.
After discovering John had a facebook page, we quickly became FaceFriends so that we could easily keep in touch.
by semi aquatic hippopotamus March 03, 2010
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A person who added you on a social networking site i.e. Facebook, who you have had no prior or subsequent contact with. They are, in effect, just a face clogging up your friend list.
Can you believe some Facefriend added me just because we have the same name?
by Locus0mega August 08, 2010
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