Fucking Ugly Vehicle

Used to describe some of the more hideous SUV-like designs such as the Pontiac Aztek, Honda Element, and the Scion.
"That's not an SUV. It's an FUV!"

"What's with all the FUV's companies are putting out these days?"

"What kind of person would buy an FUV like that?"
by NonPC Fox March 25, 2008
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Top Definition
Fuck You Vehicle

A derogitory slang for an SUV. They are getting so large and expensive, driving one is like saying "Fuck You Enviroment" and "Fuck You Lower Class People"
Priorities prioritized in sickening ways by the capitalist pushers of the world
As the yuppies and the bankers of this neighborhood drive in F.U.V's to work
And I think to myself, "What a success these 'excess junkies' are!"
And I'm sure the homeless and those with no health care would surely concur
by Afroduck May 07, 2004
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Humorous variation of "Sports Utility Vehicle" (SUV), also known as The Hummer.

Purchased and driven by insecure Yuppies who want to be the first kids on the block to melt the polar icecaps.
Nyah nyah! My overpriced FUV burns more fossil fuel than a postwar Kuwaiti oilfield and has the turning radius of an aircraft carrier to boot. F*** U!
by Exocette January 19, 2004
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Fuck You Vehicles are SUVs usually driven by unconscious soccer moms. Has more to do with the driver of the SUV then the SUV itself, except for the MPG. The vehicle can hold 5,6,7 or more children but only has only one child in it at any given time. You can see them parked in front of Wal-Mart or any other retail store taking up not 1, not 2, maybe more then 3 parking spots. The driver usually has a Starbucks coffee in one hand and the cell phone held up to their ear with the other hand and you guessed it all over the road. It usually has four wheel drive but has never actually been put into four wheel drive in its life. Basically the driver believes that they own the road because their vehicle is bigger then everyone else’s.
Crap did you see that chick in the F.U.V. on the way to work? She almost took out 2 motorcycles while talking on the phone.

How many miles to the gal do you think that F.U.V. gets?
by BDfPOOR October 02, 2009
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Fuv is a word made by Noble of Lost Pause it is the combination of Fuck and Love
I Fuv Boobs
by CocoBeanz10 January 27, 2017
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Fucked Up Vehicle...

Well Sort Of.

It is a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it pollutes the environment, which causes an unlistable number of problems.

It is a Fucked Up Vehicle because every time some dumb bitch or bastard drives one, a child in Iraq dies (and sometimes even one in the U.S. due to decreased air quality).

It's a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it not only is dangerous to passenger cars, it is a more dangerous vehicle even for the occupants of the FUV than a passenger car.

It's a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it causes animals to die and nature to be destroyed due to having to dig up more nature to get more oil.

It's a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it causes ALL our taxes to be higher due to damage to roads from the weight of the FUVs.

It's Not a Fucked Up Vehicle, because when all the ladies see your FUV and realize how small your penis is, you won't be getting any.

It's Not a Fucked Up Vehicle, because when all the guys see your FUV and realize that you are an evil disgusting witch with warts like Ann Coulter, you won't be getting any.

Often driven by the following terrorists, idiots, small dicked loosers, stupid idiots who go off-road because they loose control of their vehicles while talking on their cell phones, and by armchair activists who think that if you put a bumper sticker of your SUV than you are an activist.
The stupid bitch was talking on her cell phone while driving her FUV and before the stupid idiot knew it she was off-roading. Well at least off-roading onto the dirt shoulder of the highway.

The small dicked looser acted suprised when his FUV flipped over and crushed his small dick.

FUV drivers who through their selfishness murder people in passenger cars should be tried as murders.
by greengirl123 November 11, 2006
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Fuckin' Ugly Vehicle

Any and I mean ANY car that is of bad taste in appearance.
Does not pertain strictly to SUVs, although it is more commonly targeted towards them. And if you think FUV is a derogatory term for a gas guzzler... You are more than most likely a hippie stoner who doesn't realize that the long term effects of blowing blasphemous, ill-researched, propaganda-fed bull crap out your pitiful excuse for a mouth is more hazardous to the environment than CFC's.
Person 1- Dude, that Honda Fit is one FUV, and a stupid ricer to boot.
Person 2- It can't be an FUV... It has good gas mileage and low emmisions!
Person 1- Shut up hippie.
by dontLISTENbutEXPERIENCE August 01, 2009
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