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FUNNY FANNY is equation where we can calculate 'the waste energy in sex'

Okay let's see how to calculate ,
here F=funtime In sex , U=male tounge length , A=area of fanny , N=how many time you stroke your dick into fanny , Y=length of your dick
Now we know , according to sexophyscis

∆sex=e^(FUNNY + FANNY)
∆sex means the waste energy in sex
Ryan:have you tried FUNNY FANNY ?
Niko: Yep ,last night I used that equation to calculate while having sex with my aunt .
by Crazy-Black-Ghost March 01, 2019
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When a girl is being fingered and she laughs because it tickles
babe am I fingering you to hard again is that your laughing

Babe your a funny fanny
by Dorine May 29, 2018
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