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simplest definition - hammered drunk

intense definition - completely beyond the shadow of a doubt so beyond drunk that you don't know your shoe from a sandwich, you couldn't remember your name if your life depended on it. this is usually what happens when going to two keys 10 dollars all you can devour or a good night out at 4th street live ending at the galt house.
it also usually leads to "last calls." (see last call)
Example 1)

Brian - Dude carter shall we rage tonight?

Carter - Dude i'm ready to rage my face off.

Brian - How rage should we rage?

Carter - Dude I'm lookin to get full ham.

Example 2)

Guy #1 - Dude you were out of your mind last night. You took the words all you can drink to a new level.

Guy # 2 - I know bro I was definitely full ham.
by Professor Stillwater November 25, 2010
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