A type of person who is a nature thug, or one with the nature in a very cool way. This is demonstrated through the way that they include plant matter in their everyday outfits.
"Whoa, we are such fugs."
"I know right, we are so fuggy."
by SpicyCat February 11, 2015
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An idiot. An irrational human being who only insults people with stupid claims as such.
Also known as: fat ugly grape
Person 1: "are u loney u 7year old first u copy a Youtuber and u cant take Jokes and whats Ur gamertag so u can get booted off and stay in shcool u fag and spell plus quit being a copy "

Person 2: "Seriously? Shut up fug."
by foooper February 28, 2017
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1. (Noun) The odor given off by a fat fuck. Often strong enough that those surrounding can taste it, and in severe cases they are suffocated by it.

2. (Verb) When the air trapped inside a fat person's rolls is tinted with smegma and then released into the air, resulting to the intoxication of the surrounding air. Can be mistaken for an egg fart.
1) I nearly choked when I entered the room filled with Mrs. Choksondik's fug.

2) When Emily fugged, the whole class ran outside to take cover thinking it was poison gas.
by feelssogood December 05, 2011
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A Fucking Ugly Girl
On a scale of 1-10, a zero.
see also warpig
That chick is so hairy she got a full-fledged mustache, what a FUG.
by Spit Blood April 16, 2003
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Yo man i needa go down to the gas station an pick up another pack of fugs.
by xsmokemeximdopex July 10, 2009
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