a ciggereite
yo pass me dat fug or when u need a fug you say fug break
by keith June 28, 2004
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a contraction of the word Fuck and Hug, Fug resembels a hug but is more erotic. Cloting is opptional. A fug can start out as the begining stages of sex, or it might be a hug that has slightly gone out of hand, and evedentualy results in fornication.
I escorted this random chick I met at the bar back to her place. The good-bye hug turnd into a fug and the next thing i knew we were fucking like rabbits in her kitchen!
by Mansickel November 21, 2007
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n. A fucking ugly/hideous person.

The complete polar opposite of a 'fox' or 'hunk' which is an exceptionally beautiful woman (fox) or man (hunk).
Jimmy: YO! Check out that fug! She is a -10 on the hotness scale, fo sho.
by DoucheNibbles88 July 29, 2010
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A homosexual whom acts like a gangster or "Thug"... A Gay Thug...
That homo is a fug...
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
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The ugly girl that escorts the hot girl that you want to get with, except the ugly girl's role is to cock block you by using the bitch attitude and also, her presence enhances the beauty of the hot girl and makes you think the hot girl is a nice person because she has a non-attractive friend. Sadly, the fug thinks that hanging out with her hot friend will get her some leftover boys. Can be a noun or verb. Fug rhymes with pug.
Dude, I need a wingman for the fug.
I got fugged.
Every girl has a fug friend that she brings along (Girls are competitive like that).
When hitting on a fug to get to the hot friend, you might end up going home with the fug.
by Minh Tran January 20, 2007
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