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A funny quote shouted by Danny, A.K.A. the "Tourettes Guy" while eating his breakfast one morning. He would later complain about his fish sticks being "hard as tits".
(stares at food, shakes head) FUCK SALT!
by Jon Revelle June 09, 2008
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Fucksalt is an interjection that can be used to express anguish, despair, excitment, or anger.
Fucksalt! I forgot to buy my girlfriend a birthday present.
by Schmittz January 29, 2006
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The word fucksalts is both a noun and an adjective. It is in the condition of when extreme anger of self is expressed (i.e. when your boss is pissed as shit at you). Fucksalts can be used to isult them, or to just express ones anger. It can also be used as a non plural noun/adjectivve, or as to call someone a name (i.e fucksalter) Finally, any insulting word (i.e.face) can be combined with fucksalt, as in fucksaltface
1: Boss: Hey Steve... the bussiness finacials are due at the meeting, which is in 5 minutes.
Steve: (after she leaves) FUCKSALTS
2: Person A: DudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDudeDude!
Person b: Shut up you damn fucksalter
by LOLZDUDEZORZ May 13, 2009
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The salt that is distilled from the fluids that amass during sexual intercourse, which is of course fictional, but to exclaim "fuck salt" is also an expression of distaste or dissatisfaction.
"The Bears lost again? Fuck salt!"

"My body is covered in fuck salt from last night."
by andylong85 March 23, 2008
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