An acronym meaning Farting on Losers.

Used to describe the action you take when you are presented with losers. Rather than confront them, it's way to just let them know that you are displeased with their behavior.

I can also be used for any version of the verb "to fart"

Farted On Losers
Fart On Losers
Fartin' on Losers
Farts on Losers

Friend: What'd you do last night?
You: FOL, NBD.


Friend: Whatta you wanna do tonight?
You: I dunno. I was thinking of going and FOL.


Friend: Man, come on. We got a night of FOL to do!
You: Every time I go to that club I FOL left and right!
by monase January 14, 2011
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Fat and cute.
Dang, she’s fol.
via giphy
by imariel February 07, 2018
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Acronym for internet conversations meaning Fart Out Loud.
- Woa, it smells bad here..
- Yeah, FOL!
by dcee October 19, 2003
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used in instant messaging conversations, standing for 'fits of laughter'. To be used when you are actually laughing (as opposed to lol, which has lost it's original meaning)
guy: so your parents let you out?
other guy: yeh lol
guy: good lol
(people who use it excessively in this way tend not to be very interesting to talk to. as shown above.)

dude: stupid people, know what the new term for mixed race is?
dudette: no?
dude: dual parentage. that's right - i come from two people.
dudette: fol. dumb political correctness
by Amy + Marie August 26, 2006
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